DAL Motors has been busy creating a critical and life-saving campaign to help combat the root problems that lead to road injuries and fatalities through raising public awareness and promoting good practices.

The Corporate Responsibility team partnered with the Traffic Police (part of the Ministry of Interior) to tackle core issues such as General Awareness (not using mobile phones, wearing seat belts, endorsing the safety of children and promoting safe driving practices), and Technical Awareness (the  importance of regular car servicing).

Road traffic crashes are a significant contributor to the high levels of fatality in Sudan today. Traffic Police Authority statistics show that Sudan has suffered a 35% increase in road accidents since last year alone. Road, weather and vehicle conditions account for only 20% of all the accidents while the remaining 80%  of accidents are  down to human error. The causes of these accidents include speeding, dangerous overtaking, driving while intoxicated, and public vehicles stopping to pick up passengers in dangerous places that ignore pedestrian safety.  The consquences of accidents are often more severe due to passengers not wearing seatbelts, or motorcyclists not wearing helmets.

The statistics demonstrate the need for more comprehensive road safety laws, stronger law enforcement.in relation to traffic violations, and awareness raising regaring the perils of dangerous driving. As the country's leading automotive business, DAL Motors believes it has a duty to promote responsible driving. The time to act is now.

The campaign aims to raise awareness through a variety of activities targeted at different audiences, with the ultimate goal of reducing road deaths and injuries and increasing road safety awareness. Activities include:

  • Leaflets, t-shirts and other promotional material targeted at school children
  •  Safety messages published in various strategic locations around the city.  
  • Two events held in Khartoum’s public parks during Ramadan, featuring comedy shows communicating awareness messages in an engaging and fun way.
Expansion of the campaign to other cities in Sudan is planned at later stages of the project. 

The campaign is an excellent model of the private sector and public bodies working together to solve the issues affecting society.  DAL Group aims to create similar sorts of intitiatives with other DAL businesses in the future.

For more information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it our Corporate Responsibility team.

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