The generous allocation of space offers an unprecedented level of comfort and openness, while, at the same time, providing a higt level of functionality. Just as important the new cab design gives you the quietest and smoothest ride possible. All in all, Mitsubishi’s industry-leading technology has created a totally new cab interior that brings you the ultimate in comfort and driving ease.

Advanced Cockpit Designed with the Professional Driver in Mind
The new FP/FV cockpit cradles the driver in a rounded instrumentation panel area, such as you might find in a luxury passenger car. At the same time, the highest priority is placed on operational efficiency, with meter panels positioned for maximum visibility and offering glare-free display. Operational controls are presented in a logical, functional layout, with plenty of special touches to afford a new standard in driving ease.

Keep you Out of Harm's Way with Unsurpassed Safety Technology
Safety is the foremost consideration in Mitsubishi’s truck manufacturing. The new FP/FV series is no exception, featuring a sturdy cab that offers you maximum protection should you be involved in an accident. Indeed, our aim is to keep you well out of harm’s way over the long haul by employing the latest safety technology.

A New, More Durable, and Lighter Chassis
Mitsubishi has developed a lighter, stronger frame construction for the FP/FV series. Improvements make the chassis significantly lighter and more durable, easily meeting the varied load requirements and the severest road conditions.

The Best of Both Worlds:Power and Fuel-Efficiency
The new FP/FV comes with two highly efficient diesel engines optimally balancing high output and low fuel consumption. These power sources incorporate numerous Mitsubishi engine technologies for upgraded reliability and durability under heavy-duty requirements.
Here are Mitsubishi’s lineup of “clean” diesel engines for the new FP/FV trucks.
Both engines offer class-leading power output and fuel economy.


  • Deluxe seats
  • AM radio
  • Ticket holder
  • Bed and curtain
  • Rear quarter window
  • Overhead console box
  • Air conditioner
  • Windshield wipers with built-in window washer nozzles
  • Roof grips
  • Ashtray, each door
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Bumper skirt