A new definition of comfort, CANTER adding another dimension to performance
The Canter has always delivered outstanding safety, economy, and durability – features you expect. The new generation Canter adds a Performance dimension you might not expect: driver comfort. We designed the new Canter from the driver’s perspective, and in the process, just happened to upgrade the world standard for light-duty trucks.

Reliability and refinement are in accord, not opposition. The Canter’s unique design features Superb aerodynamics while letting you get in and out with ease. And once in, you enjoy unmatched comfort. But that’s not all. Ideal mirror placement, halogen lamps with bold headlight styling, and numerous other features add to the simple, yet powerfully functional design.

The Canter doesn’t just do the job, it lets you do it with unprecedented ease. That’s because the newly designed interior prioritizes amenities and comfort for the driver. Generous interior dimensions, extensive storage space, and advanced ergonomics combine to make the cabin a most relaxing place to work.

Canter engines have the power for your light-duty needs. Their proven performance comes hand in hand with durability, fuel efficiency, reliability, plus clean emission for the environment. And the full output lineup means each truck model gets the best matching engine.


Body Options

Key Features

  • New stylish cab design
  • Greater comfort in a larger interior
  • First in-dash gearshift in a cab-over truck
  • Ergonomically situated meters and controls
  • High-rigidity frame
  • Rigid cab for safety
  • Full G.V.W. range
  • Full complement of options