Powerful and practical

The Mitsubishi Fuso FH bridges the gap between light and medium duty trucks, providing owners with the cost-effective versatility their businesses need. Featuring a larger carrying capacity and superior maneuverability, the FH blends together the versatility and drivability to easily fulfill a wide range of working needs. Aerodynamically designed for advanced fuel economy the FH is as stylish as it is practical. Together with a high-performance drive train and rugged frame built for maximum durability, FH will carry your business into the future.

Frame Design

The FH uses a unique frame construction designed for maximum durability and the strength to resist torsional stress. The wide front tread enhances handling stability, ensuring confident control even when hauling a full load.


The interior blends practicality with comfort. The shortened design provides a wide view of the road ahead, while still giving drivers and passengers alike plenty of leg- and headroom so even long trips are comfortable. The dash panel and meter cluster are also ergonomically arranged for easy access and visibility