BOSCH Diesel Service Centre was established by DAL Motor Company in 2009 to provide automotive services for BOSCH and other diesel brands such as (ZEXEL, DENSO, and DELPHI) in the Sudanese market. Under DAL Motors quality requirements, the centre is located in the Khartoum Industrial Area.
o Diesel spare parts.
o Spark plugs – all types and models.
o Wiper blades – all sizes.
o Test, repair and calibration for the entire BOSCH diesel pump systems:
• A/ Inline pumps.
• B/ VE pumps.
• C/ High pressure pumps CP1, CP2, and CP3.
• D/ Unit pumps system.
• E/ Unit injectors system.
• F/ Common rail injectors.
• We are committed to getting your car service job done right — THE FIRST TIME!

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