Stop Look and Listen

During 2011, DAL Motors Company launched an awareness program named ”The Road Safety”, to help address the root problems that lead to road injuries and fatalities. These include the 3 main causes of road accidents globally: 1. Behaviour, 2. Vehicle failure, and 3. Weather and Infrastructure. The aim was to raise public awareness and promoting a safety first driving culture.
In partnership with the traffic police, the Ministry of Education and Sadaqat; and of course employees from DAL Motors, the program aimed to cover all road safety topics by initiating projects to demonstrate specific solutions related to road safety.
An integral part of the campaign was directed to schoolchildren, because changing their mindset would of course create more impact with a more enlightened future generation. The “School Safety Project” came to establish this culture amongst students, under the tagline “Stop, Look and Listen”. DAL Motors believed that it was their responsibility to encourage drivers and pedestrians to understand that safe driving starts with the right attitude; which means being accountable, aware, and responsible.
To date the program has directly benefitted 45,978 primary school students, 7,500 teachers, over 700 DAL Motor employees, 150 customers,  480 drivers of DAL Motors contractors, as well as the general public in Khartoum (a population of approximately 5.2 million as per a recent population census conducted by the Sudan Bureau of Statistics).